Shaw, Bezaleel (d. 1770) G-2


Old North Cemetery
Section no: G
Memorial no: 2
Orientation: North-west

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Personal Information

Name: Bezaleel Shaw
Gender: Male
Death: October 8 1770
Death place or cause:
Branch of service:
Number interred: 1


In Memory of
Bezaleel, Son of the
Riva Bezaleel Shaw
and Elizabeth his wife
who died October 8th
1770 Aged 6 weeks & 4 days
My life in infant days were spent
While to my parents I was lent
One smiling look to them I gave
And then descended to the grave

Epitaph: Yes
Epitaph of note:
Image of note:
Text on footstone:

Biographical notes:
Relationship note:Son of the Riva Bezaleel Shaw and Elizabeth his wife
Other Notes:

Inscription Condition: Clear but worn


Stone Composition: Slate
Stone Shape: Round top, flat shoulders
Type of Monument: Headstone
Monument Condition: Leaning|Discolored/stained
Condition assessment:
Condition note:
Shape of text panel:
Main motif: Angel flying or winged
Marginal motif: Decorative border
Width of stone:
Thickness of stone:
Length of slab:
Name of stone Carver:

Data Collection

Date data collected:
GPS marker location:
Stone exists 1900: yes
Stone exists 2002:
Stone exists 2003: Yes
Stone exists 2004:
Stone exists 2005: yes
Footstone exists: No
Location note:
Citation source: NHA Old North Cemetery file (MS115, Box 2)
Field recorder:
Data input by: Penny Snow
Reviewed by: Automatic