Rawson, Mary (d. 1851) AA-12|12A


Old North Cemetery
Section no: AA
Memorial no: 12|12A
Orientation: North-west

See map of this cemetery: https://cemeteries.nha.org/old-north-cemetery/section-aa/

Personal Information

Name: Mary V. Rawson
Gender: Female
Death: February 21 1851
Death place or cause:
Branch of service:
Number interred: 1


Mary V.
Wife of
Capt. Chas. Rawson
Died Feb. 21, 1851
Æ. 50

Happy spirit thou art blest,
Thou hast entered into rest
Freed from sin released from pain
Thou hast journ’d to die is gain.
Sorrows tears that damp thy bed
Nourish flowers above thy head.
Richlyembalmed indeed thou art,
In the Mausoleum of the heart.

Epitaph: Yes
Epitaph of note:
Image of note:
Text on footstone:
Biographical notes:
Relationship note:Wife of Capt. Chas. Rawson
Other Notes:

Inscription Condition: Clear but worn


Stone Composition: Marble, White
Stone Shape: Rectangular, pointed top
Type of Monument: Headstone
Monument Condition: Damaged, chipped
Condition assessment:
Condition note:
Shape of text panel:
Main motif: Lettering only
Marginal motif:
Width of stone:
Thickness of stone:
Length of slab:
Name of stone Carver:

Data Collection

Date data collected:
GPS marker location:
Stone exists 1900: yes
Stone exists 2002:
Stone exists 2003: Yes
Stone exists 2004:
Stone exists 2005: yes
Footstone exists: Yes
Location note:
Citation source: NHA Old North Cemetery file (MS115, Box 2)
Field recorder:
Data input by: Penny Snow|Georgen Gilliam Charnes
Reviewed by: Automatic