Pinkham, Seth (d. 1844) VV-107-1


Prospect Hill Cemetery
Section no: VV
Memorial no: 107-1

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Personal Information

Name: Seth Pinkham
Gender: Male
Death: April 17 1844
Death place or cause:
Branch of service:
Number interred: 1


Æ. 57 yrs. 9 ms.
Died at Pernambuce
April 17
and interred here
June 6, 1844

This grassy, convex mound,
But recently up-raised,
Speaks volumes from the ground
To thinking men amazed.

And shall we check the fountain?
And staunch the honest tear
From weeping eyes, once held
In memory so dear?

Nay, do not suppress them;
In silence let them flow
For him whose heart hath beat
In unison with you!

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Biographical notes: Son of Jethro Pinkham and Susan Coffin Pinkham. Married Mary Brown. While master of the ship Henry Astor he died at Pernambco, “of diseases of the heart”. His remains were placed on board the Nile of Baltimore to return home to Nantucket. Captain Seth Pinkham grew up in 42 Fair Street and in 1828 built and moved into a house next door, 40 Fair Street.
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