Cooper, Lucy (d. 1866) V-3


Colored Cemetery
Section no: V
Memorial no: 3

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Personal Information

Name: Lucy Cooper
Gender: Female
Age: Æ 110
Death: February 3 1866
Death place or cause:
Branch of service:
Number interred: 1


Relict of
Arthur Cooper
Died Feb. 3, 1866.
Æ. 110
Sleep on (through?) ……
..Saint (sleep?)
The g……is…..”

Epitaph: Yes
Epitaph of note:
Image of note:
Text on footstone:

Biographical notes: Lucinda (Lucy) Gordon was born in Africa and taken into slavery in childhood, and as a slave was branded on the forehead. After escaping slavery, she reached Nantucket through Newport, RI. and became Arthur Cooper’s second wife after his wife Mary died in 1826. According to Mary Starbuck in her book, My House and I, white children living on Pleasant Street organized a drive to help pay for Lucy’s grave marker and learned first-hand about racism when their requests for contributions were rebuffed.
Relationship note:
Other Notes:

Inscription Condition: Mainly decipherable


Stone Composition: Marble, White
Stone Shape: Rectangular, pointed top
Type of Monument:
Monument Condition: Discolored/stained
Condition assessment:
Condition note:
Shape of text panel:
Main motif: Lettering only
Marginal motif:
Width of stone:
Thickness of stone:
Length of slab:
Name of stone Carver:

Data Collection

Date data collected: 2002
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Stone exists 1900:
Stone exists 2002: yes
Stone exists 2003: ?
Stone exists 2004: yes
Stone exists 2005:
Footstone exists:
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Field recorder: Barbara White’s 8th grade class
Data input by: Georgen Gilliam Charnes
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