Cobb, George (d. 1874) B-15


New North Cemetery
Section no: B
Memorial no: 15
Orientation: West

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Personal Information

Name: George Cobb
Gender: Male
Age: 82 yrs 10 mos.
Death: May 14 1874
Death place or cause:
Branch of service:
Number interred: 1


May 14, 1874;
Aged 82 yrs 10 mos.

Epitaph of note:
Image of note:
Text on footstone:

Biographical notes: b. 21 July 1791, d. 14 May 1874. George Cobb was prominent in local government, serving as Clerk of the Judicial Courts (from 1836 to 1872), Town and County Treasurer, and Register of Probate. Married Susan Wyer (1794-1861) in 1814. They produced seven children. He married a second time in 1861, wedding Nancy Coffin (1804-1875). George Cobb’s father, William Cobb (1764-1842), was a United States Senator. His mother was Charlotte Coffin (1763-1812). (See the Stackpole Collection for his obituary.)
Relationship note:
Other Notes:

Inscription Condition: Clear but worn


Stone Composition: Granite
Stone Shape: Round top
Type of Monument:
Monument Condition: Sound, in place
Condition assessment:
Condition note:
Shape of text panel: Rectangular
Main motif: Lettering only
Marginal motif: Line border
Width of stone: 21 1/4″
Thickness of stone: 4″
Length of slab: 43 1/2″
Name of stone Carver:

Data Collection

Date data collected: June and July 2003
GPS marker location:
Stone exists 1900:
Stone exists 2002:
Stone exists 2003: Yes
Stone exists 2004:
Stone exists 2005:
Footstone exists: No
Location note:
Citation source: Preservation Institute Nantucket students
Field recorder: Susan Jolley or Jill Donlon
Data input by: Brenda Frey
Reviewed by: Automatic